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He said so Himself, Life won't be easy

but wasn't worth living for




July 26th, 2008

jesus is so evident.

sorry i haven't updated in such a while, but i really like facebook a lot more... or myspace, but facebook the most. whatever you prefer.

anyways, jesus has been so evident in my life lately, and i cannot even believe what He has washed over me.
even though life has not been easy this past week, jesus has been able to calm me down. so i'm not going to say what has been going on, but all i know is there is a lot of forgiveness that will make a huge factor in things, on my part. that's the bad thing. i'm so bad at giving forgiveness, sometimes, depending on the thing. and this, is not easy, it's been so stinkin hard for me, but jesus? He can make me handle anything.

anyways, i've been moved by the song 'twenty-four' by switchfoot, lately, and it's pretty awesome, knowing we can do things, and not 24 voices, just one, just one we need to listen to, and it's great!

anyways updates with my life?
i'm already off to camp believe it or not, on sunday.
whoa that's tomorrow... lots of packing to do.

i might be attending this camp where i help with people with disabilities, and i've always wanted a time i could do this, and so a friend and i, if they'll accept our age, will go together, and i think it will be just fabulous.

the thing about these people though, is that i've realized, they don't want to be referred as 'the person with this kind of LD, or disability of some sort.' i've learned that they are just the same, what's the difference? all the difference is, is that they just use a different part of their brain. how can we help it if God made them that way? doesn't make them different, or stupid, or lame, or what i hate what people call them, 'mentally retarted', i know i've said it, so i'll admit it, but that's something i've gotten over, and i just can't stand when people think of people like that, are so different, and messed up, i can't stand to see or hear that, it just bugs me half to death.

anyways, to end on a different note, as of always, august is approaching us, and i'm actually really sad. this summer has gone too darn fast, and i'm not ready for it to be over at all. a freshman? gosh dang i feel old. i just feel like i just got done with finals!! noooooooo.
anyways, off to bed i go, i have a long day ahead of me.... which i hope includes a little sleep.

blessings to you all!
rebecca c.

July 16th, 2008

yay for updates!!

Sorry, i've been too busy, but anyways, i hope all has been going well.
I returned from the east coast on sunday night, and i miss it already. i love massachusetts, i love maine, i love it all, it's so great. but i must say... i love minneapolis so stinkin much. on monday i went out on my neighbors boat, and we headed out to lake minnetonka. i got downright sunburned... no kidding. i applyed sunscreen 4 times and we were out for 4 hours. the first time i applyed 30spf, then the next hour i applyed 15spf, the next 8spf, and then the last 8spf, again, and i was fried. aloe has been a great friend of mine these past few days..... i seriously don't know why the stupid government tries to tell us this white junk will save our lives when we still get fried, i mean yeah we all want to be saved by uv rays and yet, it doesn't do much... seriously....

aside of that God has showed up in trumendous ways these past 2 weeks. first the thought came from... "God knows my needs and He will fulfill them in the way He thinks is best" one day last week when i was on vacation that thought hit me in the head and i'm not kidding it was from God. i was pretty amazed and that week when i felt like i didn't have much, i realized that God knew my needs and He was fulfilling them in the way He thought was best, the way He wanted it, and i decided i could accept that because God was taking care of me, it was pretty cool.

also i am currently reading this awesome book i definietly recommend... the shack is what it's called and it really explains how God isn't just this stero-type a lot people think of Him, but he is God, and in the book God is also described as a woman, God isn't just this 'guy' dressed in a white robe and a big white beard, that is the stero-type a lot of people get, but how can we know what God is when we've never seen Him/Her? God is God, the ruler of all, not a guy or a woman, God made the man and the woman, right? so tell me how God is a man? why do we assume that? 'the shack' is a great way of explaining that, a great book, i must say.

to end on a different note, it's muggy and gross and humid in minnesota, it's sticky, get inside and blast A.C.!!
this is the time of the year where it's muggy, and it's hot, not the time of the year you want to be out doing yard work, understood?
blessings to all of you in the rest of your week, and stay cool!
~rebecca/rebe/beCCI/bec-ky/voldy/reb-ka/re. c/becca/catherine/cath (whatever works)

June 30th, 2008

It's about time.

It's been awhile, so i think i'll update.
Life has felt like a huge time - warp lately. I want to puke its been like too much.
Too many things to make, too much stuff to do, its just crazy.
The bad thing is - when i get stressed out like this, i clean like crazy, so i'm doing that instead of what i'm suppose to be doing, its ridiculous.

Things take time, whatever, I've learned to deal with it, a lot may be going on, but things will get easier... I hope, i just wish summer 08 weren't so chaotic, it's gross. Sometimes i just wish i wouldn't have to see so many people, i mean i love people, don't get me wrong, but sometimes i just wish i'd have some more time to myself, i'm too overstressed, i need downtime. I feel like i'm being called to do too many things around here lately. chaotic. gross. ew. bad part is, i've been coming down with something from arizona, and i've been trying to catch up on sleep, but i keep getting woken up and the first thing i hear is... "wake up, there's a list of things to do upstairs"
wasn't summer made to relax, and just sleep for a while!? honestly, this is just wrong, but whatever, i guess i don't care much anymore.

i've been traveling a lot too. i love traveling to death, its a huge thing with my family, we do it a lot, and we love to do it. but this summer has felt like i've been in and out, and not around. i just want home, why? i don't know, but i'm sick of leaving. but aren't we all busy?

to end on a lighter note, i'm excited to return to my heart, in maine. i'm headed to boston, massachusetts on sunday, and then i'm there for 2 or 3 days, and then we're going to new hampshire right to portland, maine. i'm excited i've missed maine a lot, a lot, a lot, and more a lot's. i've felt home there since the first time i was there... i was 4 and a half years old. i was there for the 2nd time in my life last year, and i absolutely loved it, and i'm excited to go back. we're visiting my sister up there, she's currently at bowdin music camp up there in bath, maine. i'm excited to see her too, she's awesome. there's plenty of things were planning to do there, and i'm excited.

please pray for safety on plane's and all of that, because there's a lot of that going on and such.
i hope you all have a blessed and fabulous week.
a traveler in this family,
rebecca c.

June 23rd, 2008

Come and rest

 Nights and nights in a row i have laid in my bed, awake.
Why? Because i'm worrying about what will happen in the future, what i need to get done, everything, and its so stressful. Ever think of how God puts this into perspective?

~He knows whats going on and He knows whats going to happen, no need to worry
~He has plans, how would He not?
~Lastly, if we call on Him and go to the cross, He will give us rest.

I kind of wonder why i lay in bed thinking about all these random things, like college, after-life, parenthood, all this stuff that i don't really need to think about yet!

this year i've learned a lot about this, yesterday is history, it doesn't matter anymore, tomorrow is way up the road, why even try to comprehend it?, and today, is a precious gift, God will provide for today 
that's all we need to think about is how can i change this moment to a better moment?
Because this is the moment you've got, we don't have yesterday, let go of what you did yesterday, 
tomorrow will have its wonders and dreams, but today, you've only got, you've got this moment, this time, quit worrying about what will happen, quit worrying about yesterday's faults and mistakes, because guess what? those don't matter what so ever. I guess you could say those have been my thoughts latley...but for now, i think i'll go rest up and try to rejuvinate.

-Update's, and I guess one minor prayer request.

~I have officially returned from the hot hot heat of pheonix, arizona. it was fabulous, but so stinking hot.
~Surprisingly i'm already off to boston in a week and 6 days, (i'm going to new hampshire and maine too!)
~My sister is off to camp, she left saturday morning at 4:15, ew. --- my prayer request to add onto that, she has not gotten her luggage for some stupid reason, currently in japan, please pray she will get it soon, because she has her life packed away in there.
~jet-lag sucks, totally.
~i am totally excited for nothern pines camp in green lake, wisconsin (on green lake, as well) i leave the 27th of july!!
~reminds me the fourth is coming up! wow, time flies, happy fourth everyone! (well soon)
Everyone have a blessed and awesome week!
love always,

June 18th, 2008

My current thought...

I woke up today, thinking a lot of things.

1) better not wake up my sister, and gosh what on earth is the time?
2) i'm not to sure if i want to get out of bed today, and live
3) who is hurting so much more than i am?

a lot the topic of: hurt, has come up. a lot lately i have caught myself thinking about it more and more.
usually when you ask someone "hi, how are you doing?" you just expect an "good, you?"
when really, usually that is not the case.

i think we're all so used to that convorsation as a given. but really, when we ask that question, we need to be prepared to sit down and give encouragement. people need to talk to people, and maybe you're someone who someone wants to be open about whats going on. maybe you're one of those people, people like to talk to.

open your eyes what do you see? i see a lot of people hurting, giving themselves away, girls let guys crush their hearts....this world is just not easy, people abuse people in heredious ways, its so awful.
i'm currently reading this book called... "the listener" by terri blackstock, i'm only 2 chapters in, but its an addicting book, and its about this guy who gets this gift from God of being able to hear peoples feelings, without them even saying them out loud, its a really good book, i recommend it to anyone.

be open to what people have to say, because people need to talk to people they trust about things, and so maybe you are one of those, be one of the people who step up and listen to others, yes, i can be a hard thing sometimes, but people need you, be a listener, and help people out. even when you feel like you need to say so much more than that person, listen, you'll be okay, God will give you the strength when you are weak, we are the treasure He will seek, He is our all in all. i stole that from a song...

"You are my strength when i am weak
You are the treasure that I seek
you are my all in all
Seeking you as a precious jewel
Lord to give up i'd be a fool
You are my all in all
Jesus, lamb of God, worthy is your praise,
Jesus, lamb of God, worthy is your praise."

We are treasures to the Lord, He holds us, molds us, loves us, cares about us, and NEVER LEAVES US. He loves us, more than we could ever ever imagine.
A treasure of the Lord's,

June 14th, 2008

My thought latley has been feeling inplace and feeling secure.
Latley, I've felt the exact opposite of inplace. Ever feel out of place with who you are, what you're doing, everything inbetween?
I don't know, but I've felt really insecure with everything, myself, everything, normal I would think, but not the easiest thing to live with...

I think a lot of insecurity comes from negative comments, lies about yourself, feeling like you're failing at school, failing at anything for that matter, not getting accepted at something or by someone, a lot of things.
Feeling out of place is a feeling of not a total completion and a feeling of anxiousness, feeling you don't belong, anywhere, wherever you are.

Very similar things, yet so different at once.
God tells us we are secure and fit with Him, ever feel like that just doesn't seem right? You ask yourself why on earth that you've been hurt and why you have just felt not so right with so many things.
I'm there. I'm sure so many others have too.

Insecurity is something we all face, wether it being discluded by people, or wether it be failing school.
Hard moments, Tough times, Difficult blotches, whatever you want to call it, it's a struggle for us all.
Know you're not alone, you're not the only one on this planet feeling insecure with something,
even though so many times it feels like it.

-Me and my family are headed off to Arizona tomorrow!! Whe'll be back thursday.
-My sister is headed off for music camp in maine on saturday for 6 weeks!!!
-Me and my parents are off to boston and maine (to go visit my sister) in mid-july
-Lastly I have northern pines camp end of july to the 2nd of august (same day my sister returns from camp)

I hope you all are having a fabulous summer!!
Until later,

becca c.

June 7th, 2008

These coming weeks


I guess you could say this week went fast, but then again it went the slowest thing in the world.
I'm very upset school is over, yes, I admit it, I am very very upset school is out.
I have never ever been in my whole life been this sad school is over. 8th grade was just a too good of a year, and I can't explain how much I'm going to miss everyone. People leavin', people comin' and the thing is, the people leavin', nobody can replace them.
They're just too amazing. too amazing. It hurts to see you guys go, and I know its tough on all of us, we're all hurt, and I know it.
The fast part was with the friends and everything.

Let me say the slow part was obviously the dumb finals. Especially with a cold + a sister who does not stop practicing her stupidly dumb violin. (no i did not just call it stupid, i love it.) + Impatience, it doesnt work so well.
Anyways, I survived, but failed pretty much. 

School is out though, thats how it goes. HCA is too awesome, I love all you guys so much.

To end on a little lighter note,
-I went wakeboarding for the first time this season last night, up on my first try... (for once)
-Me and my sister are probably up to our cabin this week sometime, so she can acutaly get up there
-Arizona is in a week from tomorrow

Lots of things going on! Please pray for everyone's saftey and what not! God bless you all!!
Peace and Love always,

becca c.

June 2nd, 2008

Last night I decided to ask my sister this question....needless to say, it was really random, it was about 11:30 last night, and I just decided to ask my sister if college was fun, why I did, I don't know, (obviously she said yes, but this is what I was pondering all night, and still am)

-What college am I going to end up at? (will I even be accpeted anywhere?)
- Will I ever go to grad school?
-What do I want to major/minor in?!?! (there's too many things I want to do!!)
-What on earth is happening after college?
(the list goes on and on and on....)

It's pretty werid for us who are entering High School that soon were going to be in college, its a scary thought that in 4 year's whe'll be at that stage, yet you don't usually know where you're going until the end of your senior year, scary thought, right? Usually I don't get so worried about things, but all my life this is something i have worried about. ALWAYS. ever since 3rd grade its like this thing came and made me the scaredest person about college. Maybe it was my lack of intelligence, maybe it was being away from home, maybe it was a whole new world, maybe it was letting a lot of my old friends go, i'm not totally sure, but all i know is God has plans. 
the more day's that come, the more worries that come too. the thing that calm's me down is that God know's what's happening, (at least someone knows!!) i don't know, my parent's don't know, my friend's don't know, my sister doesn't know, nobody does, except God. 

Even through all of the worries of college, I must say i am excited, there are a lot of thing's that is going to make college fun.... the friends, the love, the laughs, the hanging out... i mean i'm worried about all the test(s), quiz(s), final(s), but hey, it's something I am just going to need to live with, because if I want a job someday, this is exactally what I need. 

You worried about college? You worried about after college? What worries do you have?
Psalms 55:22 - "Give your worries to the Lord and He will take care of you. He will never let good people down."
More and more I have realized I just need to give it to the Lord to deal with, it's not something I can deal with, because when it comes to sending in application's, He's the one going to be directing me.

Things to remember this week... (last week of school for some!!!):
-Give your worries to Him, He love's you, and never will let you down
-Study, study, and study just a little more. :].
-Middle School is almost out!!! (Yes, I hate middle school more than anything!!, though... I will definetly miss 8th grade, to death)
-Have fun this summer, enjoy it, you get it for 3 months out of the whole year, pretty ridiculous, eh?

Have a blessed week, and summer for you newbies like me who finally get a summer!!

becca c.

June 1st, 2008




So lately I have been reading through Genesis, and now onto Exodus.
I have been so amazed to see what has happened.
The forgiveness that has happened, the love thats has gone on, everything!

One of my favorite stories in Genesis is the story of Jacob and Esau. When it talks about esau getting his people together and jacob being all worried about being destroyed because of him taking his brother, esau's blessing years back. What amazes me is when esau meets jacob, esau runs up and hug's and kisses his little brother, he loves his brother and he forgives him, now jacob is really amazed at this point and jacob is trying to do all these things to make it up to his older brother and his brother just loves him anyway, its amazing, why can't we act that way toward eachother?
-I mean seriously! Think about this:
jacob stole a BLESSING. thats a blessing, and okay we just get jealous, or just get in fights about the stupidest things, and we HATE each other! This world needs more love, no more hate.

In exodus I have loved the burning bush, when moses sees the bush and wonders why its not burning up, and then God talks to moses. God tells moses to go lead the Israelites out of egypt and moses is very unsure about this and he wonders what to say, but exactally what God does to us, He calms moses down and tells him, "I am with you, there is absolutly nothing to worry about." 
It comforts us in the most amazing ways because God is with us wherever we go, what is there to worry about? tell me!

With all the amazing wonders of the Bible there are too many to tell, but what do you discover? What do you realize you can apply to your own life? What do you see?

God does wonderous things.

For all you people doing finals remember these things:
-Study Study Study! (Even though it totally stinks!!)
-A cold right before finals totally isn't fun
-Just do your best, there's not much else you can do
-Stay calm about it!!!

Have a blessed week everyone!

-Becca C.

May 26th, 2008

Thoughts for you this week.


Last night me and my best friend stayed up really late talking, and we got in the topic of Psalms, how we did, I have no idea, dont even ask. soooo...she tells me that Psalms is her favorite part of the Bible, and yeah it was just cool. 

She told me that Psalms 139 was her favorite, why? Because it tells us we're worth while. It was just something that just struck me in the head, like, I was just thinking about this yesterday!! how on earth can she read my mind, because she told us that we all have natural beauty, and that were all worht while, and it was just COOL.

We also talked about a psalm that tells us that better is in His presense than living for this world. Better is doing ANYTHING in His presne than living for this world, it was really cool.

This week to get through this probably hard and stressful week, I challenge you to go through some of hte Psalms because really, they can encourage you in the most coolest ways. I promise you, if you do that, this week, even the rest of you're life will seem easier, because its something that will stick with you forever. REAding any part of hte Bible will stick and be easier for you anytime.

A great week to you all!

becca c.

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